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Transferring a Domain to EWS2

Transferring a domain from another registrar? (GoDaddy, HostGator, etc...)
Before initiating a domain transfer to EWS2 you will need three things:

1) Make sure that the email address you used when registering your domain is valid.

Sounds silly, but if you registered your domain several years ago, it may NOT...
The registrar will send an email to the domain owner asking for verification (permission) to make the transfer.
If you do not respond to this email message, the transfer will not happen.

2) Make sure that your domain is unlocked.

Locks help prevent unauthorized transfers. Your domain will be -re-locked after the transfer to EWS2.

3) Make sure you have your EPP Transfer code.

Some companies may word this differently - it is a small text string that helps prove that you are the owner of the domain.

These can be done by logging into your current domain registrar and navigating to the Domain Management section.

Optionally, you should also change your current domain nameservers to:


Domain transfers can sometimes take a few days to complete. Changing the nameservers to point to EWS2 before initiating the transfer can reduce this waiting time down to a few hours.


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